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Author: Lee Munro

Lee Munro

Lee Munro

Lee is located in North Yorkshire. Lee specialises in angst and finger pointing. Lee has an interest in the mysterious and unexplained going back to childhood. Now, old enough to know better, the interest continues over a broad spectrum of phenomena. The similarities and connections between different phenomena and experiences are of particular interest, in addition to the role of psychology and environmental factors.​
Lee Munro

Monkeys, Buses and Frozen Chickens (making an ass out of you)

I’ve been struggling to get to sleep of late. More so than usual. So, there’s times I’m watching late night/early morning TV. Primetime for paranormal TV shows apparently. Ok I’ll admit it right off the bat. I’ve been watching them. So sue me. Better than infomercials about mattresses and kitchen appliances. Marginally…

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