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Male block, 2021, looking toward the Gaoler's Block

Jedburgh Castle Jail, Male Block upper floor study

We undertook a baseline photographic recording of the upper floor of the Male Block. This prison block isn’t open to the general public on a day to day basis as the block has yet to be renovated, but access is allowed to investigators during fieldwork sessions.

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Unknown Louie

It’s okay not to know

I often feel like I am on my own little island in life. For the most part I am pretty content with that – but every now and then I get visitors, heck let’s call a spade a spade, intruders. The problem with said intruders is that they don’t realise my sanctuary has its very own manifesto, a particular part of which they find difficult to comprehend: the sentiment being “It’s ok not to know”.

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Happy New Year

Heading into 2021…

First of all, may I wish everyone reading this a somewhat belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at OWNE. Looking back at 2020, it brings to mind Robert Kennedy’s 1966 Cape Town speech…

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OWNE: Tony

The Nature of Evidence and Proof

You hear that term a lot when browsing the paranormal online community. Its a term that decries proof positive of the paranormal in many groups, but the issue arises over the nature of such evidence… and in fact, the nature of what ‘evidence’ is itself.

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OWNE: Gayle

Séance Live, Beamish Hall Hotel

A dark October evening is the perfect time for some spooky entertainment, just in time for Halloween. Last weekend, I attended “Séance Live” hosted by local performer Sam Lupton. Described as “a demonstration of a Séance, an exploration as to what a Séance is”.

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OWNE: Tony

Talking or Spirit Boards

One of the most controversial ‘tools’ in the arsenal of many ghost investigation groups is the Ouija Board, the standard term used as a catchall for all spirit and talking boards. The idea of a talking board is pretty standard… you have a board with a set of numbers, letters and markers such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’, then everyone pops a hand on a glass or planchette resting on the board, and when you ask a spirit that’s present a question, the glass/planchette will move to the appropriate answers, or will spell those answers out.

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Jedburgh Jail at night, November 2019

Haunting Sites: Jedburgh Castle Old Jail

On the 12th November 2019 I was lucky enough to be one of the small group of guests invited by Chris and Annette Fox of Deadzone Paranormal Adventures to undertake a 24 hour paranormal investigation at Jedburgh Jail. Knowing that I just don’t have the stamina I used to (its age you know!) I went prepared – lots of coffee, food, energy drinks and a nice warm sleeping bag. While the idea was a noon til noon investigation, I knew that as soon as the cold seeped into my bones I’d need some shut eye.

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