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Denton Hall, 1841

The Denton Hall Silky

The Silky of Denton Hall has a similar story to that of the apparition at Black Heddon. According to Tomlinson in 1894, Denton Hall had at that time been haunted by Silky, or ‘Old Barberry’ as the spirit was also known for nearly a century. According to legend, the first appearance of Silky coincided with Mr. William Thomas being tenant of the Hall. Thomas had two domestic servants, sisters named Ruth and Hannah Bell, and one night one of the sisters dreamed that there was a huge sum of money buried under a specific flagstone in the Hall’s entrance hall. The next morning, she told her sister, who then told Thomas – who had the stone raised and found a wealth of treasure.

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Tony Liddell

Talking or Spirit Boards

One of the most controversial ‘tools’ in the arsenal of many ghost investigation groups is the Ouija Board, the standard term used as a catchall for all spirit and talking boards. The idea of a talking board is pretty standard… you have a board with a set of numbers, letters and markers such as ‘yes’ and ‘no’, then everyone pops a hand on a glass or planchette resting on the board, and when you ask a spirit that’s present a question, the glass/planchette will move to the appropriate answers, or will spell those answers out.

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Otherworld North East Forum

OWNE Forum reopened (on Facebook) Just a quick announcement: our discussion forum is now open again for business. We’ve positioned the tables 2 metres apart,

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Jedburgh Jail at night, November 2019

Haunting Sites: Jedburgh Castle Old Jail

On the 12th November 2019 I was lucky enough to be one of the small group of guests invited by Chris and Annette Fox of Deadzone Paranormal Adventures to undertake a 24 hour paranormal investigation at Jedburgh Jail. Knowing that I just don’t have the stamina I used to (its age you know!) I went prepared – lots of coffee, food, energy drinks and a nice warm sleeping bag. While the idea was a noon til noon investigation, I knew that as soon as the cold seeped into my bones I’d need some shut eye.

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Woodhouses Bastle, 2011

Haunting Sites: Woodhouses Bastle, Northumberland

Woodhouses Bastle is a Grade II Listed Building near Harbottle in Northumberland (Ordnance Survey Grid reference NT 96582 00288). The bastle is likely 15th century in date, though the date stone (thought now to be a later insert) suggests AD 1602 (the beginning of the 17th century).

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Tony Liddell

Social Isolation and Perception

At the time of writing this article, we’re coming to the end of Covid-19 Lockdown Week #9 which started on the 23rd March 2020 in the UK. Since lockdown began, there has (allegedly) been a marked increase of reports of paranormal activity, which many in the ‘paranormal community’ put down to the increase in time spent in our homes, and the shift from a work-centred focus to that of brains looking for something to do. So in basic terms, because many people who are used to busy workcentric lives are either furloughed or unemployed now, they’re restricted to their homes and they’re simply starting to notice more…

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