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Wartime Memories

In September 1939, the Nazi War Machine began its attack on Poland, and the Second World War erupted when Britain and France honoured their defensive pact – this was a war in which statisticians claim nearly sixty-two million people lost their lives. With six years of warfare before the War was finally won by the Allies, every element of life at home in the England felt the effects, including those supposedly ‘spiritually’ inclined.

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Woodhouses Bastle, 2011

Haunting Sites: Woodhouses Bastle, Northumberland

Woodhouses Bastle is a Grade II Listed Building near Harbottle in Northumberland (Ordnance Survey Grid reference NT 96582 00288). The bastle is likely 15th century in date, though the date stone (thought now to be a later insert) suggests AD 1602 (the beginning of the 17th century).

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Tony Liddell

Social Isolation and Perception

At the time of writing this article, we’re coming to the end of Covid-19 Lockdown Week #9 which started on the 23rd March 2020 in the UK. Since lockdown began, there has (allegedly) been a marked increase of reports of paranormal activity, which many in the ‘paranormal community’ put down to the increase in time spent in our homes, and the shift from a work-centred focus to that of brains looking for something to do. So in basic terms, because many people who are used to busy workcentric lives are either furloughed or unemployed now, they’re restricted to their homes and they’re simply starting to notice more…

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Article Author, Gayle Fidler

Has Joe Exotic been to Bedburn?

I do not know the answer to the above question but taking an educated guess here. I am guessing it is “no”. However, as lockdown insanity sets in, I have taken some time to dust off some old case files, update reports and get them out there in internet land. In the hope that people will come forward with similar experiences.

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Lee Munro

Monkeys, Buses and Frozen Chickens (making an ass out of you)

I’ve been struggling to get to sleep of late. More so than usual. So, there’s times I’m watching late night/early morning TV. Primetime for paranormal TV shows apparently. Ok I’ll admit it right off the bat. I’ve been watching them. So sue me. Better than infomercials about mattresses and kitchen appliances. Marginally…

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Tony Liddell

Welcome back to OWNE Online (May 2020)

On the 26th April 2003, I found myself driving up the A1 in Northumberland, heading for my first ghost investigation. I’d had an interest in oddities and ‘things that go bump in the night’ since my teens, but after that first investigation at Chillingham Castle with UK Ghost Investigators, I was hooked. In May of that same year the first incarnation of the Otherworld North East website went online… and now, 17 years later this new version is hitting the Interweb.

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