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A naked American man stole my balloons ….

I love a good old fashioned film monster, but I have an extra soft spot for the werewolf. I feel a bit sorry for them, they don’t seem to get as much glamour as other film nasties. Unlike their film cousins, the vampire, they very rarely get the girl. The poor werewolf often wakes up in compromising situations, after a night out (many of us can empathise a bit).

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Lee Munro

Unity in the community: Another paranormal delusion?

It seems there are ever increasing appeals for unity within the “paranormal” world. Well, to be more accurate these calls tend to originate with amateur paranormal and ghost hunting groups. There is no question, at least superficially, that one could argue against unity between groups or individuals involved in the paranormal in any way…however, I will.

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Lee Munro

Agency Detection and its (possible) role in Paranormal Experience

Ever taken the dog for a walk in the woods and assumed that noise in the bushes was a rabid killer rabbit instead of the wind? Ever laid in bed and thought that unfamiliar knocking must be an axe murderer instead of water pipes cooling? This short article aims to introduce agency detection, why it might exist and how it may relate to some aspects of paranormal experience.

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