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Tony Liddell

Tony Liddell

Tony is located in County Durham. His specialisms include history, archaeology and being irritatingly reasonable. His interest in all things weird and unexplained stem back to his teens, with his primary interest lying in the psychological and sociological factors behind experienced phenomena - as well as the physical effects such phenomena should affect.
Woodhouses Bastle, 2011

Haunting Sites: Woodhouses Bastle, Northumberland

Woodhouses Bastle is a Grade II Listed Building near Harbottle in Northumberland (Ordnance Survey Grid reference NT 96582 00288). The bastle is likely 15th century in date, though the date stone (thought now to be a later insert) suggests AD 1602 (the beginning of the 17th century).

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Thirlwall Castle, Northumberland

Haunting Sites: Thirlwall Castle, Northumberland

On the 11th June 2011, the Otherworld North East team undertook a field investigation at Thirlwall Castle, Greenhead, Northumberland, on behalf of the Northumberland National Park Authority.
The fieldwork was undertaken to examine claims of alleged paranormal activity within the ruins of the medieval castle. The reported activity revolved around stones being thrown, music and voices being heard and the feeling of being touched by unseen hands. Two items of local folklore were also found to bear relevance to Thirlwall. These claims were investigated using a number of data-collection surveys, including video, photography, radio frequency testing, electromagnetic field detection, structural surveys and wildlife detection.

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