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Louie Young

Death is my greatest fear but also my greatest fascination… Death is a recurring theme in my writing and whilst a fascination of the subject may seem somewhat macabre, it is in fact more of a curiosity of how we, as human beings, live knowing that one day we will no longer be and how we deal with the loss of those around us.” – Blog, Church crawls, architecture and Halloween.

Deadzone Paranormal Adventures


Our good friends over at Deadzone Paranormal Adventures. Their online presence is a Facebook page and group.

The Spooky Isles: Darlington, 5 haunted places to visit by Gayle Fidler

‘The historic market town of Darlington in County Durham has an important cultural and industrial heritage. In the 19th Century, powerful Quaker families brought much prosperity to the area. With this, came impressive architecture. Many of these buildings can still be seen today on a stroll through the town centre…’

The Spookly Isles: Hartlepool, 5 haunted places to visit by Gayler Fidler

‘The ancient coastal town of Hartlepool is located in the north-east of England. The town was once home to an Anglo-Saxon monastery, which was destroyed by Viking raiders. Remains of the monastery were found during later excavation works near where the church of St Hilda stands today…’

The Spooky Isles: Stockton-on-Tees, 5 haunted places to visit by Gayle Fidler

‘The market town of Stockton-on-Tees was once home to the Bishops of Durham, who brought prosperity to the area. Stockton went on to become an important part of Britain’s industrial heritage. In 1825, Stockton became the destination for the world’s first passenger railway…’

The Spooky Isles: Mary Ann Cotton and the Haunted Bench by Gayle Fidler

‘Like many people at the present time, I have been finding life difficult during lockdown. Researching and writing up findings, seem to have been even more gruelling and required a lot more mental effort than usual…’

CNN: Pentagon officially releases UFO videos

“The Pentagon has officially released three short videos showing “unidentified aerial phenomena” that had previously been released by a private company. The videos show what appear to be unidentified flying objects rapidly moving while recorded by infrared cameras.”

Yorkshire Live: Ghost hunters hit back at trolls during lockdown

“A married ghost hunting couple from South Yorkshire have hit back at online trolls who are trying to sabotage their livelihoods by claiming the pair are breaking coronavirus lockdown rules.”

BBC Asia: Coronavirus: Indonesian village uses 'ghosts' for distancing patrols

“A village in Indonesia has reportedly taken to using volunteers dressed as ghosts to try to scare people into social distancing over the coronavirus…”

mysteriousuniverse.org: More People Under Quarantine or Lockdown Are Seeing Ghosts

“Back in April, Brent Underwood got a lot of media coverage when he revealed that he was quarantining alone in a haunted California ghost town which he was the owner of — and no, ‘haunted ghost town’ is not necessarily redundant…”

Youtube: Pascal Michael-Preliminary results of the DMT field study

Youtube: Pascal Michael-Preliminary results of the DMT field study:Acute phenomenology & qualitative analysis.

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