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Haunted Communities is the new home of our current and new investigation work, which focuses more on research and communication (with the living!) then what you may be expecting. The aim is to provide a broader approach to many areas and locations, with the aim of collating as much information as possible that could inform and supplement potential fieldwork and survey.

The aim where possible is to get the general public involved where possible – not in joining fieldwork (there are plenty of entertainment groups out there if ‘ghost hunting’ is your thing) but with sharing personal experiences and stories (whether publicly or privately will be up to the individual), history, myths and legends about individual locations or locales that can build up a picture of potential anomalous activity within study area.

So how are 'Haunted Communities' chosen?

Simply put, our wider Haunted Community areas are located in the home town of one of our research associates who has taken on the responsibility to receive communication and data from that area. It seemed the simplest way to start!

Our site focus Haunted Community pages detail sites we’re currently in the process of collating data upon, whether as an OWNE project or mucking in with another group or organisation.  

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