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Dawn in the cellsWelcome to the Otherworld North East Jedburgh Castle Jail project page. This page details the research and fieldwork undertaken on the historic site in Jedburgh, on the Scottish Borders. We’ve been lucky enough to be involved with field investigation of the site since 2014, courtesy of Chris Fox and Deadzone Paranormal Adventures

Until recently, we’ve essentially been guests during field investigations only, but during 2021 we’re now taking an active role in researching the history of the site and logging the alleged paranormal activity within its walls.

The jail at night

Please take the time to check out Deadzone Paranormal Adventures who have allowed us to take part in their fieldwork for this project:

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Why Jedburgh Castle Jail?

Jedburgh Castle Jail Museum

When OWNE was first formed back in 2003, our primary remit was to aid in the promotion of history and archaeology through the use of ghost stories. This project allows us to do exactly that, helping to promote the jail site through examination of its alleged ghostly activity.

Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum is an early 19th century restored jail, built on the site of a medieval castle, the site of which gave the jail its name.

The museum is run by registered charity Live Borders (Charity SC034227) with their website available to view here: Live Borders: Jedburgh Castle Jail and Museum.

The museum is open Monday, then Friday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm until 31st October (when the site closes for the Winter). Due to Covid-19 restrictions pre-booking is required, which can be done via the Live Borders website. Entry to the museum is free.

The museum aims to show what life was like in the 1820s prison and is a 4-star tourist attraction.

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Have you ever experienced something strange or allegedly paranormal on a visit to Jedburgh Castle Jail? If so, would you consider sharing the event? Please use our Reporting Desk to tell us about it!  We’d love to be able to generate a map of everyone’s experiences to help focus our research and fieldwork.
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