Jedburgh Castle Jail: Fieldwork

Fieldwork at the Castle Jail

To date, OWNE have undertaken four investigations at Jedburgh Castle Jail as guests of Deadzone Paranormal Adventures:

  1. 2014, 22nd-23rd March
  2. 2014, 3rd November
  3. 2019, 12th November
  4. 2021, 29th-30th October


The OWNE investigators taking part in these investigations primarily dealt with photography and video recording, as well as studying the site for environmental issues and factors that could produce alleged phenomena. Out of the phenomena reported at the site, only the supposed clash of the metal doors through the nights was witnessed, and traced back to the flag pole on the central block – with the rope on the flag cracking against the pole.

The 2014 investigation was also used to produce a video short on how to recognise faked apparition imagery, which can be seen on our Youtube channel, linked below:

The late 2014 investigation was primarily a photography exercise, with limited EVP recording: no activity was witnessed at this time.

The 24 hour 2019 investigation has an account on this website, which can be viewed below.

Investigation articles

What's next?

We undertook an overnight investigation of the Castle Jail on the 29th-30th October 2021 as guests of Deadzone Paranormal Adventures. We are currently in the process of analysing the data collected. The results will appear in the articles list above, as and when they are completed.

Have you ever experienced something strange or allegedly paranormal on a visit to Jedburgh Castle Jail? If so, would you consider sharing the event? Please use our Reporting Desk to tell us about it!  We’d love to be able to generate a map of everyone’s experiences to help focus our research and fieldwork.
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