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Otherworld North East are a small group of volunteer researchers and investigators based in the North East of England. 

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OWNE: Gayle

Fidler, Gayle

Gayle is located in .
Gayle's specialisms include

Liddell, Tony

Tony is located in County Durham. His specialisms include history, archaeology and being irritatingly reasonable. His interest in all things weird and unexplained stem back to his teens, with his primary interest lying in the psychological and sociological factors behind experienced phenomena - as well as the physical effects such phenomena should affect.

OWNE: John

Morley, John

John is located in Tyne and Wear. John's specialisms include photography, video and changing lightbulbs on high ceilings. His interest stems from witnessing shadow figures on multiple occasions in his home (a converted chapel) and he seeks to find logical answers to alleged paranormal activity.


Munro, Lee

Lee is located in North Yorkshire. Lee specialises in angst and finger pointing. Lee has an interest in the mysterious and unexplained going back to childhood. Now, old enough to know better, the interest continues over a broad spectrum of phenomena. The similarities and connections between different phenomena and experiences are of particular interest, in addition to the role of psychology and environmental factors.

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