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OWNE Forum reopened (on Facebook)

Just a quick announcement: our discussion forum is now open again for business. We’ve positioned the tables 2 metres apart, we have our non-contact thermometers waiting to zap you at the door, and masks in place to avoid those pesky computer viruses.
If you’re interested in the paranormal, supernatural or myths and legends, please join in the discussion. Remember, you don’t have to believe in the subject, just have an interest in it! Just follow the rules and no-one will be dropped into the alligator infested pools beneath the trapdoors positioned cunningly under your virtual debating tables. No, really, read the group rules. It’ll save everyone a lot of grief.
Please invite your friends, just make sure they answer the application questions. OR THEY WON’T GET IN. Unless we recognise them. Then they might.
The questions are really easy and are just there to make sure we don’t get invaded by Bots. Speaking of which, have you seen the latest Pentagon UFO updates? Oh, I digress…
Welcome, enjoy and get stuck in. Just read and follow the rules. Really.

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