Publication: The Haunting of Newcastle Keep: Otherworld North East Research Society: Investigation Series I

The Haunting of Newcastle Keep: Investigation Series I


“The Haunting of Newcastle Keep” is Volume I of the Otherworld North East Research Society’s Investigation Series. The back cover content reads thus: “Welcome to a glimpse of Newcastle upon Tyne’s haunted heritage… Once you’ve read the book, why not visit the ancient halls and corridors of Castle Keep for yourself Keep your eyes, ears and wits alert – you might not be alone….

The Otherworld North East Research Society has undertaken research into the alleged paranormal activity in the ancient fortification since August 2003, and this book contains reports on physical phenomena, environmental anomalies, strange disembodied footsteps and voices as well as some persuasive photographic evidence. So is Newcastle’s medieval keep really haunted?

This book allows you to make that decision, based on facts and observation rather than media hype.

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