The Green Lady of Bamburgh Castle

The Green Lady of Bamburgh, Northumberland

Bamburgh Castle KeepBamburgh Castle is one of the most well-known castles in the Northumberland coastal landscape, its impressive walls being used in a number of television and film productions, as well as its sheer location and size dominating the landscape. It is currently owned and occupied by the Armstrong family, who are allowing archaeological excavations of areas of the castle and the surrounding dunes. The main legends surrounding the Castle are about a dragon, or rather a worm or wyrm said to once plague the surrounding areas, but the grounds also have several ghost stories, the most well known being that of the Green Lady, a slight female figure swathed in a green cloak who has been witnessed on a number of occasions tumbling down the old steps clutching a bundle in her arms.

Those seeing this have rushed to her aid, thinking that a woman had fallen down the steps holding her baby, but found nothing when searching for the poor woman. A Pink Lady is also said to haunt the grounds, legend claiming that she was the beautiful daughter of a Northumbrian King who, dressed in the finest pink gown, threw herself from the highest tower when she found out that the man she loved had married someone else.

In the Keep itself, the ghost of a fully armoured and armed medieval knight has been reported clanking through the darkened halls, perhaps simply going about duties that should have ended centuries ago, and other reported ghosts include an eighteenth century English soldier, a piano that plays itself and also the shade of the castle’s eighteenth century restorer John Sharp…

– Originally published as an article in Otherworld North East: Ghosts and Hauntings Explored (Author: Tony Liddell, Publisher: Tyne Bridge Publishing, 2004)

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