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On the 26th April 2003, I found myself driving up the A1 in Northumberland, heading for my first ghost investigation. I’d had an interest in oddities and ‘things that go bump in the night’ since my teens, but after that first investigation at Chillingham Castle with UK Ghost Investigators, I was hooked. In May of that same year the first incarnation of the Otherworld North East website went online… and now, 17 years later this new version is hitting the Interweb.

As a group, we’ve been quiet a wee while. Lee has been looking after our Social Media and we did attempt a discussion forum reboot a few months back, but the new forum fizzled out like a disappointing bottom burp. 

Previous versions of this site tended to regurgitate the same old articles and info, so this new site is essentially going to start again. Yes, we’ve got links to some of our old journals and publications, but we’re missing a few years worth and I have no idea where they went. Personally, I blame the gremlins, rather than age on my part, but as and when they resurface I’ll put links up online.

So, in a millennium (or I’ve just discovered the term ‘kiloyear’, which sounds more interesting) where reboots are the norm, we’re for once following the trend with this OWNE Online 2020 Reboot.

Please enjoy, and remember to please get in touch if you want to be involved or even have some anomalous phenomena to look at… 

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