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Tony Liddell

Tony Liddell

Tony is located in County Durham. His specialisms include history, archaeology and being irritatingly reasonable. His interest in all things weird and unexplained stem back to his teens, with his primary interest lying in the psychological and sociological factors behind experienced phenomena - as well as the physical effects such phenomena should affect.
Tony Liddell

Welcome back to OWNE Online (May 2020)

On the 26th April 2003, I found myself driving up the A1 in Northumberland, heading for my first ghost investigation. I’d had an interest in oddities and ‘things that go bump in the night’ since my teens, but after that first investigation at Chillingham Castle with UK Ghost Investigators, I was hooked. In May of that same year the first incarnation of the Otherworld North East website went online… and now, 17 years later this new version is hitting the Interweb.

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